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Re-Thinking The Definition Of "Cult" Can Help
Us Comprehend Parental Alienation

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Cult Leaders Have Similar Personality Traits As Alienators

The popular concept of a cult is of a religious group or other fringe organization defined by deviant and novel beliefs and practices.  Today, we typically think of cults as inherently bad movements dominated by a charismatic leader who imposes his authoritarian will through mind control over psychologically vulnerable followers.  The leader provides a sense of emotional security for the disenfranchised members willing to abandon their self identity in exchange for the comfort of membership. 

If we remove "religion" as a cult prerequisite as well as the commonly held perception that all leaders have pathological tendencies it is much easier to view cults from a different perspective.  In 1932, the sociologist, Walter Martin,  defined cults as groups that follow the personal leadership of a single dominant individual.  Cult researchers tend to define a cult as a group that tends to manipulate, exploit, and control its members.  They tend to be small groups that emerge in middle class communities and the leader uses various mind control techniques to manipulate and subjugate members.

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Cults Serve The Needs Of The Leader

The purpose of a cult, large or small, is to serve the emotional, financial, and power needs of the leader, in this case the alienator parent. The single most important word here is power. The dynamic around which cults are formed is similar to that of other power relationships and is essentially ultra- authoritarian, based on a power imbalance. The leader by definition must display  Charismatic Authority in order to fulfill his half of the power dynamic.  Read the discussion about Narcissistic Personality DisorderSociopaths, or Antisocial Personality Disorder to  see the correlation between cults  and people with dysfunctional personality disorders.  Of course, it probably does not take great degrees of these disorders for an alienator to impact his/her own trusting children.

Alienator parents are driven by revenge.  But, why would they so unconscionably inflict such pain and damage on their own children?  It can only be because they have distinct personality disorders described elsewhere on this web. And, their ability and opportunity to manipulate young, trusting, and malleable minds assuages the fear and panic resulting from the destruction of their delusional world.  Their lack of empathy enables them to form a family sized cult where only the leader benefits.  Everyone else is a pawn in their war against the enemy ex-spouse who has destroyed their fantasies.

Traits Of A Cult Leader

If you are the targeted parent perhaps you will recognize in you ex a few of the following  tendencies of perverted leaders that might affect your  children:

  • The drive for power (and wealth)
  • Hostility, hatred, prejudice toward other social groups
  • Tendency to make superficial judgments of people and events
  • A one-sided scale of values favoring the one in power
  • Interpreting kindness as weakness
  • The tendency to use people and see others as inferior
  • A sadistic-masochistic tendency
  • Incapability of being ultimately satisfied
  • Paranoia
  • The absence of or disingenuous empathy
  • Insatiable or deviant sexual requirements

For an in-depth analysis of cults, their leadership, and significant attributes please refer to the following sites:

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