Is PAS A Disease ?

by RAR

I have been dealing with PAS for many, many years, it hurts to even look back anymore. In thinking on how I got PAS many years ago. I started to see what an Insidious Disease that it is.
When did I catch this? Not knowing actually an official day. Could I see a Doctor that could possibly diagnose the problem? Would I survive this? Is it contagious? Back in the mid 90's there wasn't a book nor Doctor to go to that could give me any idea what I had or if there's a cure?

I was on my own with it. It's said that " No Man Is An Island ". Well I certainly was. I was alone, on my own little island, with no cure.

I saw it slowly creep into my life. One day, to the next and the following days adding into months then to years. Due to the nature of my work I was away a month or more at a time. So, it was so much easier to catch PAS than I could have imagined. Could I have worn glove's to protect myself, wear a mask, get a shot to prevent it? No! It is a mentally crippling, sickening disease of your psyche.
Just trying to remember a Happier Time with my children are few. I was asked just the other day by another parent.. " Well you know what I'm talking about? when she was referring to a story about their child." No. I'm sorry, I don't.

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Aug 15, 2014
Catch it? You are victimized by it.
by: Len

No, you don't catch it like a disease. You are victimized, though, of another who does have a disease, typically Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It is really unfortunate that the courts can't seem to recognize this disorder in the perpetrators of Parental Alienation.

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