.  I have specialists that I have sought out.  He has not continued with any doctor's appointments.  Bottom line?  I lost her in July.  I was told by my attorney that I would lose if she wanted to go, that's it.  I was frantic, sought out help on line, specialists at $250 an hour, I couldn't even function.  I remember waking up after getting the news from the attorney, and having to go and teach and thinking that i am not going to survivve this.  I can't get my body into the car never mind to work to teach high school economics,  but I did.  I have seen my daughter 3 times since July, even though I have weekends twice a month in a court order.  She doesn't answer the phone, when I schedule a visit, he says he has somewhere to go and I must only have her 2 hours, not overnight.  The one time in October I had her for a full weekend, he secretly texted her while we were out to lunch with her.  When we got home, she said "I want to go home to Dad's home", I complied, he showed up 10 minutes later at the house.  He lives one hour away, it was all contrived.  I went outside and made a scene and said some pretty bad words and didn't care who heard it.  So here I am trying again to maintain a relationship, lightening does strike twice. He even secretly took her out of psychology appointments.  I'm the one that found the psychologist and put in the court paperwork that she must continue until a professional said she could stop.  He asked for the summer off, so she could get acclimated at her new home, I complied, when I called in late August to set them up again, the doctor told me that they had secretly gone together, painted a lovely happy picture of a happy child and she signed off on the visits.  When I asked her didn't she wonder where I was?  That I was not even notified of the visit, she said she thought I couldn't make it!  Really?  I have taken days out of work, taking my daughter to specialists both mental and physical, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her, and yet she dismissed her because she believed the bull that he presented!, and thought I couldn't " make the meeting?"  Are you kidding me?.

Now for some good news.  I am designing a website for parental alienation.  A place really not for professionals but primarily a place for info for other parents who are where I was last April when i was seeking out help. I want it to be a place to share information and find answers to questions that may be elusive.  I know I was looking for that.   Hopefully you can all write a brief story and I can include it on the website so that other's who are searching for info will know that they are not alone.  I am also writing a book on older child adoption, a chapter will be set aside for how my middle daughter defeated the  evil that is parental alienation syndrome and persevered.  The book is not completely written but is going out partially done with my professional co-author to agents and publishers next week.  If anyone knows anyone in publishing, I would be happy to send them my proposal. Thanks for reading this long diatribe, it feels good to write it.  Know you are not alone.



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Alienator Personality Types And Parental Alienation
Alienator Personality Types Perpetrate Parental Alienation
Personality Disorders And Parental Alienation
Personality Disorders Play A Significant Role In Parent Alienation
Convergent Emotional Disorders
The convergence Of Emotional Disorders Can Be The Key To Parental Alienation
Family Dynamics' Significance In Alienation
Family Dynamics And Individual Personalities Are Significant Factors In Parental Alienation
Child Advocacy Is Failing Families Battling Against Parental Alienation
Child Advocacy is Is Failing Families Battling Against Parental Alienation
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Early Therapeutic Intervention May Prevent Parent Alienation
Parental Alienation Destroyed My Family
A Carefully Executed Plan Of Parental Alienation Destroyed My Family
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