Your PAS Attorney: Friend Or Foe?

And, What About Mediation?

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Legal Match is a nation wide service that matches clients with attorneys in their area who specialize in the clients needs.  They have many collaborating attorneys with expertise in Parental Alienation. Click on the graphic for more.

PAS Attorney specializes in Parental Alienation.  They have a very informative website and are located in three cities in the U.S.


PAS Attorney

2400 S. Huron Parkway
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

New York

PAS Attorney

Commerce Building
708 Third Avenue Suite 600
New York, New York 10017

Washington D.C

PAS Attorney

Republic Place
1776 I Street, NW, 9th Floor
Washington, DC 20006-3708

All attorneys are not created equal.  When Parent Alienation is involved you need an family law attorney. Douglas Darnall has expertise in alienation and maintains a very informative website on how to find a good parent alienation attorney.  Check the website at

New Jersey

Ruvolo Law Group, LLC
55 Madison Avenue
Suite 360
Morristown, NJ 07960



Kraayeveld  Law Offices

300 State Street Southeast

Grand Rapids, MI 49503-4313

Phone: 616-285-0808616-285-0808

Table of Contents

Alienator Personality Types And Parental Alienation
Alienator Personality Types Perpetrate Parental Alienation
Personality Disorders And Parental Alienation
Personality Disorders Play A Significant Role In Parent Alienation
Convergent Emotional Disorders
The convergence Of Emotional Disorders Can Be The Key To Parental Alienation
Family Dynamics' Significance In Alienation
Family Dynamics And Individual Personalities Are Significant Factors In Parental Alienation
Child Advocacy Is Failing Families Battling Against Parental Alienation
Child Advocacy is Is Failing Families Battling Against Parental Alienation
Therapeutic Intervention In Parental Alienation
Early Therapeutic Intervention May Prevent Parent Alienation
Parental Alienation Destroyed My Family
A Carefully Executed Plan Of Parental Alienation Destroyed My Family
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