Sociopaths Have A Personality Disorder Common  With Parental Alienation

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Sociopaths Can Be Dangerous

When people think of this disorder, cult leaders such as Jim Jones come to mind and the 900 people who died as a result of his command that they drink Kool-Aid  laced with poison. 

Most of us cannot even comprehend how people who follow a man like Jones  to their deaths can be captivated by his "charms."  After all, he was an obvious deviant and we think we could never be fooled by such aberrant leadership.

Don't be fooled.  While not necessarily as extreme as Jim Jones people with this disorder live all around us.  In fact, if you have been victimized by Parental Alienation it may well have been

engineered by a social deviant.  Sociopathic behavior is categorized as being a severe manifestation of antisocial personality disorder  and is a pattern that develops over time.

Sociopaths Pursue Power

Sociopaths tend to enter high profile careers where they can exercise great power and control - such as politics.

Due to the behavior being a severe manifestation of a larger disorder, it can be difficult to detect until you become very familiar with the individual's behavior patterns. Sociopaths are extremely manipulative and can come off as being grandiose and charming early during a relatonship. There are certain warning flags that are often revealed, but a true and accurate diagnosis requires professional evaluation.

A surprising number of people continue to fall for the delusional  fairy tales and webs of lies spun by such charlatans. The followers can be a group as small as a family but sociopaths always seem to have a small cult-like group of blind adulating followers who consider their leader as being nearly infallible.  Group or family members do not realize that they have been seduced and manipulated by  diabolical leaders devoid of empathy  whose only interests are there own. 

Children are particularly vulnerable because they are being sucked into a web of lies by a trusted parent who they love and trust completely.  They cannot even conceive that someone they trust so much would consciously act in such a destructive manner to serve their own needs as defined by their dysfunctional behavior.  Thus, the damage can be done even if the alienator parent sees the children only intermittently.  And, the targeted parent may not realize that a child is being manipulated until it is too late.

If you are a targeted parent and are wondering how this could happen without your knowledge of the alienator parent's personality disorder the truth is that you probably have been aware of the problem.  You just did not put it all together. Your ex-partner's personality traits may be the cause of the dissolution of your relationship.  And, now that the relationship is dead your partner's personality has turned toxic, vengeful, and even dangerous.

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So, what are some of the personality traits that might be relevant to Parental Alienation?  

Sociopaths create outrageous lies about their experiences and accomplishments. They are exaggerations to the point of absurdity, but somehow seem believable at the time they are told.  Thus, a man might tell of his exploits as a pro on the PGA tour when, in fact, he never achieved more than the position of assistant to the club pro at a local golf course.  Or,  he may claim to have been an elite bicycle racer, having competed with and against the country's premier racers.  The truth, he may have had an interest in a local bicycle repair shop and participated in local races.

We all daydream of achieving the highest levels in areas or activities that we are interested in.  Most of us, however, do not manufacture a labyrinth of lies that support our fantasies. People with this disorder are likely to create a false persona about themselves that is very attractive to the children they are in the process of alienating from the other parent.

Sociopaths enter relationships that they can dominate. Winning at all costs is paramount.  They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their fantasies, to the point of absurdity. When caught in a lie they can become very aggressive and even violent.  It is common that they are abusive to animals as well as to their significant others. 

When a relationship ends,  the disorder can cause irrational behavior resulting in such a need to "win" that revenge comes to dominate the relationship and the children become the vehicle. 

Sociopaths cannot accept responsibility for poor results of their bad behavior.   They are never wrong so can never apologize. They never feel guilt because they cannot feel empathy for others. If shown proof that they are wrong, they will turn the tables, argue that the other person is the real problem, and attack any and all critics.  They will turn themselves into the victim.

In Parental Alienation the alienator parent will repeatedly denigrate the targeted parent with impunity and with total conviction that they are right.  Their disorder denies their having any empathy so there is no sense of guilt over their campaign against the target.  And, despite any proclamations otherwise, they are not sensitized to the children's emotions who are little more than tools used to "win."

These are delusional people who truly believe their fantasies and lies are true.  Because they truly believe their lies and the fantasy world they have created for themselves they can be very convincing to the children they are abusing.  But, they don't understand that they are committing abuse because they not only believe their lies they truly believe they are saving the children from an evil parent.  If challenged, their behavior can turn explosive and children can develop a strong fear which actually can make them more malleable. 

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