State Laws Concerning PAS

Laws Can Differ From State To State

State Laws Have Abandoned Children

When l was first confronted with a state  court document demanding my youngest daughter change domiciles and begin living with her father I did not realize the rigidity and insensitivity of state courts. I  began a journey of inquiry where I concluded that I lived in the wrong state.  Had I lived elsewhere I might have had a chance but in reality by the time the papers were served it was a fait accompli that I had lost my daughter; I was just too dumb to realize it.

I met with a psychologist expert in PAS cases who explained that if I went to court she could be an expert witness but I should not expect very much.  State courts had different rules regarding custody and mine was a backwater state.  If only I lived elsewhere I may not be successful with an accusation of PAS but I would definitely have a better chance of beating back my ex-husband's assault.

I hope that this page will become a resource illustrating the differences and the injustice of state courts and family law.  If you send information I will get it posted here. Click on COMMENTS link to enter your comments:

Rhode Island

Rhode Island's state  laws regarding divorce, custody, and child welfare.  Basically, it will recognize dual custody but does not give credence to alienation disorders.   As my daughter approached age 14 I began to notice a changing attitude and an almost fearful allegiance to her father. It seemed odd since she visited with him only one night per week.  But, shortly after turning 14 she announced she wanted to live with her father.  Within two weeks I received the court papers demanding the change of domicile. 

I fought for a while but i the end the solution was very simple.  State laws and the family court allows a child upon turning age 14 to choose where she wanted to live.  Unless there was obvious signs of physical or sexual abuse the state courts were totally disinterested. The possibility of emotional child abuse was a non-starter.  So, the court blithely allowed my daughter who had been manipulated by a man with narcissistic personality disorder to walk out of my life. I guess it was just another case of state law abadoning the safety and welfare of a child it was supposed to protect.

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Alienator Personality Types And Parental Alienation
Alienator Personality Types Perpetrate Parental Alienation
Personality Disorders And Parental Alienation
Personality Disorders Play A Significant Role In Parent Alienation
Convergent Emotional Disorders
The convergence Of Emotional Disorders Can Be The Key To Parental Alienation
Family Dynamics' Significance In Alienation
Family Dynamics And Individual Personalities Are Significant Factors In Parental Alienation
Child Advocacy Is Failing Families Battling Against Parental Alienation
Child Advocacy is Is Failing Families Battling Against Parental Alienation
Therapeutic Intervention In Parental Alienation
Early Therapeutic Intervention May Prevent Parent Alienation
Parental Alienation Destroyed My Family
A Carefully Executed Plan Of Parental Alienation Destroyed My Family
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